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      Pyramid Tea Co Freshness - From Estate to Cup

      Tea is a highly specialized agricultural product. As such, buying and selling luxury grade teas is an art form. To preserve optimal quality, we only buy peak seasonal tea and pack them for enduring freshness.

      Seasonal Purchasing

      The first step to ensuring sustained luxury quality, is to buy tea only when it is at its seasonal peak.

      • Most global tea regions have only a 3-7-week window when quality peaks as per some examples below:

      Product Country Region Peak Season
      Peppermint USA - Washington State September
      Camomile Egypt - El Fayyoum Nov-Feb
      Apple Pieces Turkey - Anatolya September
      Rosehip Chile - Patagonia Feb-May
      Hibiscus Egypt - El Fayyoum Nov-Feb
      Black Tea India - Assam June
      Black Tea India Darjeeling June
      Black Tea Sri Lanka -Nuwara Eliya February
      Sencha Green Japan Kyushu May
      Jasmine Green China Jianxi April