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      Finding the Perfect Organic Loose Leaf Tea to Improve Your Wellbeing


      If you’re looking to feel better in your skin naturally, artisan loose leaf tea can be the perfect daily antioxidant boost your body needs to feel better and perform better. At Pyramid Tea Co, we stock a wide range of loose leaf tea online, and each tea comes with its own range of health and wellbeing benefits. We’re firm believers that there's tea for everything, so let us walk you through some of our offerings and what they can do for your wellbeing.


      Full Body Detox

      If you’re looking for a clean slate and a chance to purify your body, there are some fantastic artisan loose leaf teas that will help you to feel refreshed again in no time.

      • Purify The Body Ayurvedic: The rose petals and ginger infusion boost immunity and flush out harmful toxins from the system.
      • Cleanse and Refresh Detox: This tea is both beautiful to look at and refreshing to drink, with ginger infusions that will leave you feeling refreshed.
      • Nutri Green Slimming/Weight Loss: Green tea is fantastic for speeding up the metabolism and helping you shed a couple of pounds.


      Beauty Teas

      Making your skin glow, your hair shine, and your nails healthy can give you confidence and improve your state of mind. Pyramid Tea Co has some delicious organic loose leaf tea to help you look radiant.

      • Golden Glow Skin & Beauty: This fruity blend has an almost liquorice taste, and the added turmeric will leave your skin glowing.
      • Bamboo Chamomile Hair & Nails: With fruity notes and a calming chamomile finish, this tea will not only have you looking better but feeling better too.


      Support Digestion

      If you suffer from indigestion, IBS, reflux, or any other stomach issues, you’ll need a tea that will help mitigate these issues and promote healthy digestion.

      • Herbal Wellness: The cardamom, star anise, and clove within this tea have antibacterial properties that will support a healthy gut.
      • Organic Milfoil Flowers: These flowers have flavonoids and alkaloids that have been used traditionally to relieve digestive complaints.
      • Senna Quick Start Colon Cleanse: Need to be a little more… regular? This tea is perfect for helping to give you a digestive boost.
      • Belly Be Calm Digestion: Mint, ginger, lemon, cardamom; we couldn’t think of a better combination to treat indigestion or an upset stomach.
      • Digestive Blue Digest & Purify: This playful, blue tea is wonderfully fragrant but also brilliant for stomach troubles, with star anise soothing even the most quarrelsome of tummies.


      Enhance Sleep Quality

      A good night’s sleep is so essential to maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. For organic loose leaf tea in Australia that promotes sleep, try these from Pyramid Tea Co.

      • Herbal Asleep: The chamomile notes in this tea will have you dreaming in no time.
      • Lullaby Asleep: This caffeine-free lemony tea contains relaxing herbs and flowers that will lull you to sleep.


      Improve Focus and Concentration

      If you find your mind is prone to wandering or if you often feel tired and drained throughout the day, you need a tea that will increase your energy levels.

      • Strawberry Awake: The fruity flavours in this tea will give you a boost of energy to conquer the afternoon.
      • Herbal Awake: There’s nothing quite like spearmint to get the mind up and going! This tea will be sure to make you alert and ready to work.


      Feel Better Sooner

      Whether you have a cold, the flu, period cramps, or aches and pains, some teas will clear your head and help you to feel a little better.

      • Road to Recovery: The citrus within this tea will boost your vitamin C levels and help you feel better a lot faster.
      • Head to Toes Arthritis: The relaxing qualities of cardamom paired with the invigorating tastes of orange and lemon make this tea perfect for relieving arthritic pain.


      3 Benefits of Loose Leaf Black Tea

      Loose leaf black tea is one of the most common forms of tea drunk in the Western world. It is loved for its energy-boosting caffeine content as well as its versatility in flavours and aromas. Drinking organic black loose leaf tea provides a massive range of health benefits, so Pyramid Tea Co have narrowed it down to the top three.

      1. Improves Cholesterol

      The human body contains two lipoproteins that transport cholesterol through the body; low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). The difference between them is that LDL transports cholesterol to the cells, which is bad, whereas HDL takes cholesterol away from the cells, which is good. Too much LDL cholesterol leads to heart failure and clogged arteries. Studies have shown that daily consumption of loose leaf black tea reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol, thereby improving overall health.

      1. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

      Unsweetened organic black loose leaf tea is a fantastic beverage for people with diabetes as it plays a role in reducing blood sugar levels and enhancing the body’s use of insulin. Long-term consumption of loose leaf black teas has also been shown to reduce one’s risk of Type 2 diabetes.

      1. Improves Oral Health

      A boost in oral health is yet another reason to buy black tea in Australia, as the polyphenols found in loose leaf black tea have been shown to reduce cavity-causing bacteria and reduce plaque build-up in the mouth.


      3 Benefits of Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

      Oolong loose leaf tea is slightly fermented, semi-oxidised and is like a flavourful combination of black tea and green tea. Oolong is one of the most versatile of the teas, with different brands having different percentages of oxidation, ranging from 10-90%. The flavours can also vary greatly, from delicate floral notes, herbal tastes, or spicy zest. Aside from its versatility, oolong loose leaf tea also has a host of health benefits to drinkers.

      1. Promotes Heart Health

      One of the reasons Pyramid Tea Co loves selling oolong tea in Australia is because of the vast benefits it can have on cardiac health. Our oolong tea online has a range of antioxidants and vitamins that improve heart health by reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. This, in turn, lowers the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

      1. Improves Bone Strength

      Oolong loose leaf tea has been shown to improve bone density in long-term oolong drinkers, including healthier teeth. As a good source of fluoride, oolong teas help to reduce dental plaque and strengthen enamel.

      1. Relieves the Irritation of Eczema

      For sufferers of eczema, this is sure to be relieving. The polyphenols and antioxidants found in oolong loose leaf tea have been found to treat and improve the symptoms of eczema. These effects are long-lasting, as sufferers of eczema have seen improvements months after drinking a litre of oolong tea per day alongside their usual treatments.


      Why Choose Pyramid Tea Co for Loose Leaf Tea Online?

      At Pyramid Tea Co, we don’t compromise on quality, flavour, or freshness. We’ve travelled the world to bring premium loose leaf tea to Australia from the very best tea-growing regions as well as the most luxurious, sustainable tea bags we could find. If you’re looking for organic loose leaf tea in Australia, look no further than Pyramid Tea Co’s range of health and wellbeing tea. We have a wide range of loose leaf tea to buy online through our website, so have a browse today.


      Pyramid Tea Co’s Favourite Flavours of Iced Tea In Australia


      Nothing hits the spot quite like iced tea in Australia on a summer’s day. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, and it scratches an itch if you’ve got a sweet tooth. While there are a few popular iced tea brands in Australia, if you’re looking for something with fewer calories, more antioxidants, and less sugar, stay away from the sweet drinks aisle of your shopping centre. Instead, check out Pyramid Tea Co’s range of deliciously fresh flavours of iced tea online. Here are a couple of our favourite blends.


      Strawberry Kiwi Herbal

      This bright, summer drink is very full-bodied in flavour and can be quite tart. However, the combination of strawberries and kiwifruit are perfect for rehydrating on a day in the sun. Try adding some honey for a natural, healthy sweetener.

      Ideal Drinking Situation: By the crystal clear pool, soaking up the morning sun with a book in hand.


      Organic Mango Black

      When it comes to iced tea in Australia, one can rarely look past mango as a deliciously sweet flavour. This fruity concoction tastes unbelievably refreshing when served alongside fresh mango.

      Ideal Drinking Situation: At a BBQ with friends and family, shared amongst everyone.


      Organic Hibiscus Herbal

      If you’re looking for something a little sourer, try this tasty infusion that is reminiscent of pomegranate flavours with a citrusy twist. This caffeine-free tea is packed full of vitamin C, making it a healthy choice of beverage for a long day in the sun.

      Ideal Drinking Situation: Take it in a thermos for a day spent at the beach.


      Organic Abaco Black

      If you’re looking for a caffeine boost on a summer afternoon, there is no sweeter choice than this. We’d recommend adding some lemon to create the perfect iced tea in Australia.

      Ideal Drinking Situation: When you’re at work and facing the drowsy, warm afternoon.


      Why Choose Pyramid Tea Co for Iced Tea In Australia?

      At Pyramid Tea Co, we don’t compromise on quality, flavour, or freshness. We’ve travelled the world to bring premium loose leaf tea to Australia from the very best tea-growing regions as well as the most luxurious, sustainable tea bags we could find. Browse Pyramid Tea Co’s range of iced tea online through our website.


      3 Benefits of White Tea


      White tea is made from Camellia sinensis, the same plant from which black, green, and matcha tea are made. The difference between the teas comes down to when the leaves are picked. To make white tea, leaves are harvested when they’re covered in fine white hairs. At Pyramid Tea Co, we recognise the health benefits, which is why we stock several types of white tea online. Here are our three favourite benefits of enjoying a cup of white tea.


      1. Loaded With Antioxidants

      White tea is full of catechins, a type of antioxidant that protects the body against cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for aging, chronic inflammation, a weakened immune system, and a host of diseases. White tea is one of the best types of tea for these antioxidants, holding as many catechins as green tea.


      1. Promotes Dental Health

      White tea is an excellent source of fluoride, which strengthens enamel making the teeth less susceptible to dental cavities caused by acid or sugar. A combination of this fluoride, catechins, and tannins, another type of antioxidant, inhibit the growth of plaque bacteria. These molecules join forces to maintain dental hygiene and prevent dental decay.


      1. Boosts Brain Health

      White tea contains compounds such as the polyphenol EGCG, which has been found to suppress free radicals responsible for the inflammation and risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They do this by preventing proteins from folding or clumping together. If you’re used to doing brain teasers to keep your mind active, consider including a cup of white tea into the mix to maximise your brain’s preventative effectiveness.


      Why Choose Pyramid Tea Co for Chai Loose Leaf Tea?

      At Pyramid Tea Co, we don’t compromise on quality, flavour, or freshness. We’ve travelled the world to bring premium loose leaf tea to Australia from the very best tea-growing regions as well as the most luxurious, sustainable tea bags we could find. Purchase your chai tea in Australia through Pyramid Tea Co’s online store today.


      3 Benefits of Chai Loose Leaf Tea


      In many Indian languages, the word ‘chai’ literally translates to ‘tea’. However, in Western countries, chai tea is associated with the spiced Indian tea more accurately known as masala chai. It’s made from a combination of black tea, ginger, and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, and cloves. As well as being a delicious winter beverage favourite, chai loose leaf tea has a whole host of health benefits that make it a must-have for your loose leaf collection.


      1. Reduces Nausea and Improves Digestion

      One of the active ingredients in chai loose leaf tea is ginger, which is renowned for its nausea alleviating abilities. Two of the compounds found in ginger, gingerol and shogaol have anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve stomach pain and reduce nausea. In addition to ginger, chai tea contains cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and black pepper, all of which have antibacterial properties that prevent digestive issues.


      2. Relieves Aching Pain

      The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and clove have been shown to target and alleviate aches and pains such as arthritic pain, migraines, and toothaches. They do this by increasing circulation and delivering oxygen-rich blood cells to painful areas.


      3. Supports a Healthy Immune System

      Chai loose leaf tea contains many spices that help to support your immune system such as;

      • Cardamom: High in vitamin C
      • Ginger: Anti-inflammatory properties
      • Black pepper: Aids digestion


      Why Choose Pyramid Tea Co for Chai Loose Leaf Tea?

      At Pyramid Tea Co, we don’t compromise on quality, flavour, or freshness. We’ve travelled the world to bring premium loose leaf tea to Australia from the very best tea-growing regions as well as the most luxurious, sustainable tea bags we could find. Purchase your chai tea in Australia through Pyramid Tea Co’s online store today.


      3 Benefits of Decaffeinated Loose Leaf Tea


      Decaffeinated loose leaf tea has had a bad rap in the past. Decaffeinated tea is different from naturally caffeine-free teas like rooibos tea. In loose leaf decaffeinated tea, the caffeine is physically removed. This caffeine removal process can be done several ways; however, using carbon dioxide is by far the best method. The carbon dioxide draws out the small caffeine molecules whilst leaving behind the larger, flavourful molecules. Pyramid Tea Co stock CO2 decaffeinated teas, as we acknowledge that this method creates a safe yet still delicious tea. It’s important to note that all decaffeinated teas have small traces of caffeine left over. However, it’s less than 2.5% of their original caffeine content. So, let's dive into the health benefits associated with decaffeinated tea.


      1. No Caffeine-Related Side Effects

      Drinking decaffeinated teas mean you won’t suffer the adverse side effects associated with caffeine consumption such as increased anxiety, headaches, and addiction to the beverage. Additionally, it makes the perfect beverage to consume before bed, as you won’t be lying awake buzzing for hours experiencing an interrupted sleep cycle.


      2. You Still Benefit From Catechins

      While they are in slightly reduced amounts, the healthy antioxidants that make teas so popular are still present in decaffeinated tea. Unless you are inhibited from consuming caffeine due to health, religious, or personal reasons, you can mix up caffeinated and decaffeinated teas into your day, so you’re getting the maximum health benefits.


      3. It’s Better For Your Teeth

      Caffeine makes the enamel on our teeth weaker and more brittle, and certain beverages take our smile from a dazzling white to a dull yellow.


      Why Choose Pyramid Tea Co for Decaffeinated Loose Leaf Tea?

      At Pyramid Tea Co, we don’t compromise on quality, flavour, or freshness. We’ve travelled the world to bring premium loose leaf tea to Australia from the very best tea-growing regions as well as the most luxurious, sustainable tea bags we could find. Pyramid Tea Co’s full range of loose leaf decaffeinated tea is available on our website.